Руководство пользователя 3M EM550GPL Mouse

Руководство пользователя для устройства 3M EM550GPL Mouse

Руководство пользователя 3M EM550GPL Mouse

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GB-2Contents2 – 3 Over view4 – 5 Specifications6 Safety Information7 – 11 Instructions12 Troubleshooting13 – 14 Regulator y/Warranty InformationOverviewThank you for purchasing the 3M™ Ergonomic Mouse EM550. This wireless optical mouseis clinically proven to alleviate pain and discomfort in the hand, wrist or arm associatedwith the use of traditional mice.* Its patented, vertical grip design keeps your hand andwrist at a neutral angle.Poor Wrist PostureGood Neutral Wrist Posture*1. Aar

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OverviewGB-3When you use a traditional mouse, you pronate your forearm and wrist and typically pressyour wrist and carpal tunnel area against the desk. This behavior can lead to repetitivestress injuries, which can result in pain or discomfort in the hand, wrist or arm.The 3M™ Ergonomic Mouse works as a regular optical mouse—except that your hand gripsthe handle and rests on the base, and you use your thumb to left and right click. You canscroll in many programs by clicking the 3rd button. I

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GB-4SpecificationsRIGHT CLICKLEFT CLICKVERTICAL HANDLEDesign keeps wristin neutral positionSOFT TOUCHFinish foradded comfortTHIRD BUTTONEnables scrolling insome applicationsUSB RECEIVERFor wireless operation

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SpecificationsCONNECT BUTTONLocated onmouse undersideGB-5LED/OPTICALSENSORIlluminates in redwhen power is onBATTERY COVERPush latchinward to openPOWER SWITCHThe 3M™ Ergonomic Mouse EM550 is compatible with the following operating systems:Microsoft — Windows XP, Vista and laterApple — MAC OS 10 X v10.4.X, v10.5.X and laterLinux distributionsRequires two (2)AAA batteries(included)

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GB-6Safety InformationPlease retain this manual for future reference.The following WARNING statement indicates a hazardous situation, which, if not avoided, could result indeath or serious injury.WARNINGTo reduce the risks associated with choking:—keep USB receiver, batteries and battery cover out of reach of children and pets.The following CAUTION statements indicate hazardous situations, which, if not avoided, could result inminor or moderate injury.CAUTIONTo reduce the risks associated with

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Instructions1Installing the Batteries.1ATurn the mouseover and removethe battery cover.GB-7

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GB-8Instructions1B1CSlide the batteriesinto the batterycompartmentas shown in theillustration on thebattery cover andreplace cover.To check ifbatteries areinstalled properly,turn the powerswitch to ON.The optical lenswill illuminate inred. Turn thepower switchto OFF.

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Instructions2Connecting the Mouse to Your Computer.2ATurn offyour computer.Turn offyour mouse.Plug USBreceiver into anopen USB port onyour computer.GB-9

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GB-10Instructions2BTurn onyour computer.Turn on yourmouse. Theoptical lens willilluminate in red.Press CONNECTbutton on USBreceiver. Green lightwill slowly blink.2CPress CONNECTbutton on mouse.Green light onUSB receiver willquickly blink fora short time,then stop.

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Instructions GB-11Move your mouse.2DBasic mousefunctionalitywill activate.While moving themouse, the greenlight on USBreceiver willquickly blink.While the mouseis idle, the greenlight will not blink.Your mouse is now ready for use. You can customizeyour mouse settings through your mouse settingsutility included with your operating system(Windows, Mac, Linux).Operate by movingentire mouse aroundon mousing surface.Use the thumbbutton for leftand right clicking.

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GB-12TroubleshootingSymptomProbable CauseSolutionMouse Not DetectedComputer ports are improperlyset up (for example, aredisabled).Check with your computer system dealer ormanufacturer if you need help.Conflicts among other devicesconnected.Resolve any conflicts among devices connected toyour computer.Installed on an incompatibleoperating system.Compatible operating systems for the 3MErgonomic Mouse EM550 are listed on page 2.If lens is notilluminated red:No power.Make sure the power switch is

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Regulatory Information GB-13FCC ID: F4Z44K3FDP-MS9101Modifications to this device shall not be made without the written consent of 3M Company. Unauthorizedmodifications may void the authority granted under Federal Communication Rules permitting the operation ofthis device.Note: This equipment has been tested and found to comply with the limits for a Class B digital device, pursuantto part 15 of the FCC Rules. These limits are designed to provide reasonable protection against harmfulinterferenc

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GB-14Warranty InformationLimited Two-Year Warranty for 3M™ Ergonomic Mouse EM5503M warrants to the owner of this new product that it is free from defects in material and workmanship under normal use and servicefor two years from the original date of purchase. The warranty does not include normal wear and tear or failure due to operatormisuse, carelessness or any accidental cause. 3M MAKES NO OTHER WARRANTIES OR CONDITIONS, EXPRESS OR IMPLIED,INCLUDING, BUT NOT LIMITED TO, ANY IMPLIED WARRANTY

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FR-2Table des matières2 – 3 Vue générale7 – 11 Instructions4 – 5 Description6 Informationsde sécurité12 Dépannage13 – 14 Informationréglementaire/garantieVue généraleNous vous remercions d’avoir choisi la souris ergonomique EM550 3M™. Cette sourisoptique sans fil a été approuvée cliniquement pour soulager les douleurs et améliorerle confort de la main, du poignet et du bras comparée à des souris traditionnelles. Saconception ergonomique permet au bras une position nat

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Vue généraleFR-3Quand vous utilisez une souris traditionnelle, vous devez forcer et tourner votre avant bras,entrainant une tortion et une pression du canal carpien contre le bureau. La répétition deces tensions peut alors provoquer des blessures consistant en des douleurs dans la main,le poignet et l’avant bras.La souris ergonomique 3M™ fonctionne comme une souris optique classique à la différenceque votre main attrape la poignée et repose sur la base de la souris, et que vous utilis

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FR-4DescriptionCLIC DROITCLIC GAUCHELE TROISIÈMEBOUTONPermet le défilementet la navigation danscertaines applicationsPOIGNÉE VERTICALEL’ergonomie de la sourispermet une positionnaturelle du poignetUN TOUCHERAGRÉABLEUne finition soignéepour un meilleurconfortPORT USBPour l’utilisation sans fil

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DescriptionBOUTON DECONNEXIONLocalisé sur ledessous de la sourisBOUTOND’ALLUMAGEFR-5CAPTEUR OPTIQUELa lumière est rougequand elle fonctionneCOUVERCLEDES PILESPousser le loquetvers l’intérieurpour ouvrirNécessite 2 pilesAAA (incluses)La souris ergonomique 3M™ EM550 est compatible avec les systèmes d’exploitation suivants:Microsoft — Windows XP, Vista et plus tardApple — MAC OS 10 X v10.4.X, v10.5.X et plus tardLinux distributions

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FR-6Informations de sécuritéMerci de conserver ce manuel pour les futures références.L’avertissement suivant concerne une situation qui, si elle n’est pas évitée, peut entrainer la mort ou degraves blessures.ATTENTIONPour réduire les risques d’étouffement:—gardez le connecteur USB, les piles ainsi que le couvercle des piles, éloignés des enfants et desanimaux domestiques.L’avertissement suivant concerne une situation qui, si elle n’est pas évitée, peut entrainerdes blessu