Руководство пользователя 4moms Origami Stroller

Руководство пользователя для устройства 4moms Origami Stroller

Руководство пользователя 4moms Origami Stroller

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EnglishCongratulations on your new Origami !™Here are some helpful hints to get you started.INSTALL SEAT RINGAffix seat ring to stroller frame at handle bar and power podby sliding pin through holes until it clicks. Buckle the seatrestraint strap around the Central Bar.POWER FOLD12Turn the silver ring counterclockwise until it stops. Let go andpress the orange button. Make sure your silver activation ringis unlocked.STORAGE BAGTo attach the Storage Bag,snap the bag's straps intoplace on the Ce

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EnglishChapter 1: Important Safety InstructionsChapter 1: Important Safety InstructionsPlease read these instructions carefully beforeuse and keep them for future reference. For yourchild’s safety, please make sure anyone else usingthe Origami Stroller reads and understands theseinstructions before using it as well.Immediately discontinue use of the stroller should itbecome damaged or broken.Using a stroller with your child presents inherentsafety risks. However, these risks can be minimizedwi

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EnglishEnglishChapter 1: Important Safety InstructionsWARNING Use this stroller only forwalking. The Origami is not designed for jogging,running, roller skating, or any motion other than anadult’s walking pace. Do not let a child push theOrigami.WARNING Ensure that the strollerlatches are engaged before use.Always use your best judgment when using theOrigami. Do not use it in any situation in whichyou suspect doing so could cause harm to yourchild, yourself, or anyone around you. Stop usingthe

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EnglishChapter 3: Battery WarningsChapter 4: Parts GuideThe Origami contains a Lithium Polymer batterypack. Use only battery pack 4M-106-11-000101 ora 4moms® approved equivalent. NEVER use nonrechargeable batteries in the Origami.LCDHandlebarPower ButtonOuter RingFailure to follow instructions or use of non-approvedbatteries could cause permanent damage to thebattery and its surroundings, and cause bodily harm.• NEVER use anything EXCEPT a 4moms®approved power supply to charge theOrigami Str

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EnglishChapter 5: Installing the handlebarsChapter 4: Parts Guide (Seat Ring)Upper Attachment Socket1Safety HarnessCup holdersTelescoping FrameCrotch RestraintSeatReleaseButton2LowerAttachmentHubPinStorage Bag1011

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EnglishChapter 6: Installing the Seat RingAdult Assembly RequiredThis section deals only with the installation of yourincluded seat ring. The included seat ring is notsuitable for children under 6 months of age. Ifinstalling an alternate 4moms® approved seatingaccessory, please see the instructions that camewith the accessory.Step 1: Unfold the base as described on page 14.Step 2: Take the seat ring by its upper and lowerends and pull gently until the Telescoping Frame isfully extended. Fit the

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EnglishChapter 7: Using Your OrigamiChapter 8: Securing Your Child in Seat RingHow to Power Fold and UnfoldTo fold or unfold the Origami, turn the Outer Ring ofthe Activation Dial counterclockwise until it won’tgo any further, then release it. The dial will light upfor 5 seconds. While this button is lit, press the PowerButton and the stroller will fold or unfold.If you press the Power Button while the dial isn’t lit,nothing will happen. The two-step process preventssomeone from folding the

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EnglishChapter 9: The LCDBattery life indicatorChapter 10: LightsGender BowTemperatureThe Daytime Running Lights on the stroller’s legs willcome on when the stroller is opened, and will turnoff again after 3 minutes of no movement. After10 seconds of movement, they will come back on.They will turn off when the stroller is closed.The Pathway Lights on the Power Pod aretriggered by a light sensor near the LCD. Whenthe environment around the stroller gets dark, thePathway Lights come on automatic

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EnglishChapter 12: Seat Recline and Storage BagTo recline the Origami’s seat to its fullest extent,loosen the Seat Recline Strap and push the seattowards the Central Bar. To put the seat in aposition between fully reclined and fully upright,leave the Seat Recline Strap buckled and adjustthe length of the strap.To tighten the strap: Feed the anchored end of thestrap up through the buckle to form a loop. Pull thefree end of the restraint.To loosen the strap: Feed the free end of therestraint up

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EnglishChapter 13: Folding the Stroller Manually4moms® strongly recommends opening andclosing the stroller using the power folding system.However if the battery doesn’t have sufficientpower or you experience some other unforeseenissue, the stroller can be opened and closedmanually. If you experience any issue other thanthe battery not being sufficiently charged, pleasecontact Customer Service as soon as possible.Before opening or closing the stroller manually, youmust first put it into Manual

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EnglishChapter 14: Charging the Battery ManuallyThe Origami is equipped with an on-boardgenerator to charge its battery whenever youare pushing the stroller. The battery life of a fullycharged Origami is 100 open-and-close cycles, orseveral months in a static position.If you wish to charge the battery manually, plugthe small end of the Charger into the outlet on thebottom of the Power Pod, then insert the plug endof the Charger into a wall outlet.Chapter 15: Maintaining Your OrigamiWheels and Po

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EnglishChapter 16: TroubleshootingIssue The LCD is off.24ActionThe stroller will automatically go intopower-saving mode after a fewminutes sitting still. Push it forwardor turn the Activation Dial slightly towake it up.-The stroller’s power will becompletely off when in ManualMode. See Chapter 13 for instructionsto return it to Power Mode.-If the battery is very low, the strollerwill turn off, but will turn on whenpushed. Please charge the batteryusing the included AC adaptor.I turned the Acti

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EnglishChapter 17: Warranty4moms, warrants to the original purchaser of everynew 4moms Origami™ that the unit will be free fromdefects in material and workmanship, under normaland proper use as specified by 4moms, and uponproper usage in accordance with the instructionmanual supplied with each Origami™ unit. 4moms,obligation under this warranty is limited to a period oftwenty-four (24) months from the date of purchase.If the unit is determined by 4moms, to have beendefective within twenty-fo

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FrançaisFélicitations pour votre nouvel Origami !™Table des matièresVoici quelques conseils de départ utiles.INSTALLATION DE L’ANNEAU DU SIÈGEFixez l’anneau du siège sur l'armature du siège au niveau dela poignée et du module électrique, en glissant la goupilledans les trous jusqu’à enclenchement. Bouclez la courroie deretenue du siège autour de la barre centrale.FERMETURE ÉLECTRIQUEChapitre 1: Consignes de sécurité . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 32Chapitre 2: Co

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FrançaisChapitre 1: Consignes de sécurité importantesAvant d’utiliser ce produit, veuillez lire cesinstructions avec attention et conservez-lespour référence ultérieure. Pour la sécurité devotre enfant, assurez-vous que toutes les autrespersonnes utilisant la poussette Origami lisent etcomprennent également ces instructions avanttout emploi.Cessez immédiatement d’utiliser la poussette si elleest endommagée ou cassée.L’utilisation d’une poussette avec votre enfantprésente des

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FrançaisEnglishChapitre 1: Consignes de sécurité importantesFaites attention lorsque vous utilisez l’Origami surun terrain en forte pente, car ceci augmentela probabilité que la poussette bascule ou vouséchappe. N’utilisez jamais l’Origami dans lesescaliers ou les escaliers mécaniques, ou dans toutautre environnement où vous risquez de perdresoudainement le contrôle de la poussette et deblesser d'autres personnes ou vous-même.AVERTISSEMENT Utilisez lapoussette pour la marche uniqu

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FrançaisChapitre 2: Consignes de sécurité sur l’anneau du siègeAVERTISSEMENTÉvitez desblessures graves qu’une chute ou unglissement hors de la poussette pourraiententraîner. Utilisez toujours les courroies de retenueL’Origami contient un bloc-piles lithium polymère.Utilisez uniquement un bloc-piles 4M-106-11-000101ou un produit équivalent approuvé par 4moms®.N’utilisez JAMAIS de piles rechargeables surl’Origami.AVERTISSEMENTLe non respect de ces instructions ou l’utilisatio

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FrançaisChapter 4: Parts GuideÉcranPoignéeChapter 4: Parts Guide (Seat Ring)Prise de fixation supérieureBouton de mise sous tensionAnneau extérieurHarnais de sécuritéPorte-gobeletsPare-soleilFenêtretransparenteFreinArmature télescopiqueEmbasede fixationsupérieureCourroie d’entre-jambesBouton dedégagementdu siègeCourroied’abaissementde siège (voirpage 47)Embasede fixationinférieureBoucles du sac derangementGoupilleBarre centraleModuleélectriqueChargeur(voir page 51)38Verrou de