Руководство пользователя Mackie 1202 Musical Toy Instrument

Руководство пользователя для устройства Mackie 1202 Musical Toy Instrument

Руководство пользователя Mackie 1202 Musical Toy Instrument

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1202VLZ4Important Safety Instructions1. Read these instructions.  2. Keep these instructions.3. Heed all warnings.4. Follow all instructions.5. Do not use this apparatus near water.6. Clean only with a dry cloth.7. Do not block any ventilation openings. Install in accordance with themanufacturer’s instructions.8. Do not install near any heat sources such as radiators, heat registers,stoves, or other apparatus (including amplifiers) that produce heat.9. Do not defeat the safety purpose of the

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IMPORTANT SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS......................... 2CONTENTS............................................................... 3FEATURES................................................................ 4INTRODUCTION....................................................... 4HOW TO USE THIS MANUAL..................................... 4GETTING STARTED.................................................... 5HOOKUP DIAGRAMS............................................... 6PATCHBAY DESCRIPTION..............

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1202VLZ4FeaturesIntroduction• 12-channel mixer featuring our signaturehigh-headroom, low-noise design• 4 boutique-quality Onyx mic preamps• Ultra-wide 60 dB gain range• 128.5 dB dynamic range• +22 dBu line input handling• Extended frequency response• Distortion under 0.0007% (20 Hz - 50 kHz)• Improved RF rejection, perfect for broadcastapplicationsThe 12-channel 1202VLZ4 delivers the outstandingquality of our flagship Onyx preamps in a compact mixerdesign with the high-headroom/l

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We realize that you must be really keen to try outthe mixer. Please read the safety instructions on page2, then have a look through some of the features anddetails in this manual.SetupUse the mixer in a nice clean and dry environment,free from dryer lint and dust bunnies.Zero the controls1. Fully turn down all the knobs to minimum,except for the channel EQ and pan controls,which should be centered.2. Make sure all buttons are in the out position.Connections1. Make sure the AC power switch is off

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1202VLZ4Hookup DiagramsMulti Effects ProcessorDigital DelayCondensermicrophonesLaptopDirectBoxesHeadphonesStereoGuitarEffectsHeadphone ampSynthStereo CompressorElectronic Drum KitMono CompressorMR8mk3studio monitorsThis diagram shows microphones connected to the mic inputs of channels 1 and 2, and a vocalcompressor connected to the channel 1 insert jack. Bass and electric guitars are attached to channels3 and 4 via DI boxes with a stereo compressor on the insert. The lead guitar plays through a

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DLM8 Stage MonitorsMulti Effects ProcessorDirectBoxesStereoGuitarEffectsMono EQMono Power AmplifierOwner’s ManualCondensermicrophonesiPodTMDocking StationElectronic Drum KitDLM8 loudspeakersHeadphonesSynthStereo CompressorMono CompressorDLM12S subwoofersStereoEQThis diagram shows microphones connected to the mic inputs of channels 1 and 2, and a vocalcompressor connected to the channel 1 insert jack. Bass and electric guitars are attached to channels3 and 4 via DI boxes with a stereo compresso

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1202VLZ4Patchbay Description12345At the risk of stating the obvious, this is where youplug everything in: microphones, line-level ­instrumentsand effects, headphones, and the ­ultimate destinationfor your sound: PA system, DAW, etc.See Appendix B for further details and drawings ofthe connectors you can use with the 1202VLZ4. Also seethe channel strip description on page 13 for details ofthe signal routing from the XLR and line inputs.1. Mic Ins (Channels 1–4)This is a female XLR connector t

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Each low cut switch, often referred to as a high passfilter (all depends on how you look at it), cuts bassfrequencies below 75 Hz at a rate of 18 dB per octave.We recommend that you use low-cut on ­everymicrophone application except kick drum, bass guitar,or bassy synth patches. These aside, there isn’t muchdown there that you want to hear, and filtering it outmakes the low stuff you do want much more crisp andtasty. Not only that, but low-cut can help reduce thepossibility of feedback in liv

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1202VLZ479 10 11127. Stereo ReturnsThis is where to connect the outputs of paralleleffects devices (or extra audio sources). Thesebalanced inputs are similar to the stereo line in [2]inputs (without EQ, aux sends, pan, mute, and solo).The circuits will handle stereo or mono, balanced orunbalanced signals, either instrument level, –10 dBVor +4 dBu. They can be used with just about any proor semipro ­effects ­device on the market. The signalscoming into these inputs can be adjusted using thest

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1412. Headphones OutThis stereo jack will drive any standard headphoneto very loud levels. To learn how signals are routedto these outputs, see source matrix [33] on page 16.If you’re wiring your own cable for the phones output,follow ­standard conventions: Tip = Left channelRing = Right channelSleeve = Common groundWARNING: When we say the headphoneamp is loud, we’re not kidding. It can causepermanent ear damage. Even intermediatelevels may be painfully loud with some earphones.BE CAREFUL!

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1202VLZ421 2218192018. Power Connection21. Power SwitchJust in case you lose the cord provided with the1202VLZ4, its power jack accepts a standard ­3-prongIEC cord like those found on most professionalrecorders, musical instruments, and computers.Press the top of this rocker switch inwards to turn onthe mixer. The power LED on the top surface of the mixer will glow with happiness, or at least it will if you havethe mixer plugged in to a suitable live AC mains supply.WARNING: Before plugging the

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The eight channel strips look alike, and functionidentically. The only difference is that the four on theleft are for individual mics or mono instruments andhave more gain available, while the next four are foreither stereo or mono line-level sources. (Each of thestereo channel strips is actually two complete circuits.The controls are linked together to preserve stereo.)We’ll start at the ­bottom and work our way up…“U” Like Unity GainVLZ4 mixers have a “U” symbol on almost every le

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1202VLZ4[15] and phones [12] output­s. If you want the alt 3–4signals to go back into the main mix, engage the ­assignto main mix [36] switch, and the ­control room/submix[34] level control becomes the one knob to control the­levels of all the channels assigned to alt 3–4.Another way to do the same thing is assign thechannels to the alt 3–4 mix, then patch out of thealt 3–4 output [16]back into an unused stereo channelline input [2]. If that’s your choice, don’t ever engagethe mu

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This control gives you up +15to 15 dB boost or cut above +10+512 kHz, and it is also flat0at the detent. Use it to–5add sizzle to cymbals,–10and an overall sense of–15transparency, or edge to201001k10kkeyboards, ­vocals, guitarHigh EQand bacon ­frying. Turn itdown a little to reduce ­sibilance, or to hide tape hiss.HzHzHzHzEach aux send level ranges from off through unity(the center detent position) on up to 15 dB of extra gain(when turned fully clockwise). Chances are you’ll nevernee

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1202VLZ4Output Section33. Control Room Source MatrixTypically, the engineer sends the main mix to anaudience (if live) or a mixdown deck (if recording). Butwhat if the engineer in the control room needs to hearsomething other than the main mix? With the 1202VLZ4,the engineer has several choices of what to listen to.This is one of those tricky parts, so brace yourself.33373634353232. Main MixThis knob controls the levels of signals sent to themain outputs: XLR [13] and 1⁄4" [11] and RCA tapeout

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A Word About Pre-Fader Solo (PFL)Engaging a channel’s solo [24] switch will causethis dramatic turn of events: Any existing control roomsource selections will be replaced by the solo signal,appearing in the control room, headphones, and in theright meter. The ­audible solo levels are then controlledby the control room / submix [34] knob. The solo levelsappearing on the right meter display are not controlledby anything — you wouldn’t want that. You want to seethe actual channel level on th

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1202VLZ4At the risk of creating another standard, 1202VLZ4mixers address the need of both crowds by calling thingsas they are — 0 dBu (0.775 V) at the output shows as0 dB VU on the meters. What could be easier? By theway, the most wonderful thing about standards is thatthere are so many to choose from.These outputs can be fed to the inputs of a reverb orother device. From there, the outputs of this externaldevice are fed back to the mixer’s stereo return [7]jacks. then these signals are sent

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Signals passing through these controls will proceeddirectly to main mix, with one exception (see paragraphbelow). The stereo returns do not have mute/alt 3-4switches, so if you want these signals to get to the alt 3-4mix, you’ll have to patch the effects device’s outputs intoone of the stereo channels, and mute/alt those channels.41. Return To Aux 1If you want to add reverb or delay to the stage monitormixes of aux 1, this is the switch for you.With the switch up, stereo return 1 and 2 behav

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1202VLZ4Appendix A: Service InformationIf you think your 1202VLZ4 has a problem, pleasecheck out the following troubleshooting tips and doyour best to confirm the problem. Visit the Supportsection of our website (www.720trees.com) whereyou will find lots of useful information such as FAQsand other documentation. You may find the answerto the problem without having to send your mixer away.TroubleshootingBad Channel• Is the mute/alt 3–4 switch in the correctposition?• Is the level knob turne