Руководство пользователя Hustler Turf Hustler ATZ High Chair

Руководство пользователя для устройства Hustler Turf Hustler ATZ High Chair

Руководство пользователя Hustler Turf Hustler ATZ High Chair

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GENERAL INFORMATIONThis manual applies to the following Hustler equipment lines:Warranty registrationThe Delivery and Warranty Registration form must be completed andsigned to validate your warranty protection. As the new equipment owner,you are expected to see that the form is completed and forwarded to HustlerTurf Equipment at time of delivery.Be sure to register the tractor plus each attachment that displays a modeland serial identification number plate with Hustler Turf Equipment.IMPORTANT:

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HUSTLER Z/SUPER Z/HUSTLER ATZ/SUPER Z DIESEL/HUSTLER MINI Z/SUPER MINI ZTWO YEAR LIMITED WARRANTY FOR TRACTORS AND DECKS(THREE YEAR LIMITED WARRANTY ON DECKSPINDLE BEARING & DECK GAUGE FORK BEARING)resulting in frame breakage by repairing or replacing part(s) withnew or used replacement parts.● Hustler Turf Equipment will correct any defect in the deckresulting in the front edge of the deck being bent into the bladesby repairing or replacing part(s) with either new or usedreplacement parts.●

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state.ALLOCATION OF RISKSLIMITATION OF REMEDIESThis agreement allocates the risks of product failure between Hustler TurfEquipment, and the purchaser. This allocation is recognized by both partiesand is reflected in the price of the goods.In no case shall Hustler Turf Equipment, be liable for any special,incidental, or consequential damages based upon breach of warranty,breach of contract, negligence, strict liability in tort, or any other legaltheory.Such damages include, but are not limited to

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SAFETY PRECAUTIONSThis safety alert symbol is used to call attention to a message intended toprovide a reasonable degree of PERSONAL SAFETY for operators andother persons during the normal operation and servicing of this equipment.Incorrect usage of this machine may result in severe injury.Personnel operating and maintaining it should be trained in the properuse and should read the manuals completely and thoroughly beforeattempting to set-up, operate, adjust, or service this machine.The Quick Re

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Hydraulic fluid escaping under pressurecan penetrate skin.Hydraulic fluid may also cause infection ina minor cut or opening in the skin; ifexposed to hydraulic fluid, see a doctor atonce.Before applying pressure to hydraulicsystem, make sure all connections aretight and all hoses and lines are in goodcondition.Relieve all pressure in the system beforedisconnecting or working on hydrauliclines.To find a leak under pressure, use apiece of cardboard or wood – never useyour hands.To relieve all pr

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SLOPE GUIDEUse this diagram when determining the degree of slope to be mowed.F (25o) - Hustler ATZ onlySlope Guide LinesE (15o)D (10o)Line BC (5o)Line A1.2.3.4.Hold this sheet of paper in front of you. Make sure that line A is horizontal.Align line B with a vertical surface such as a pole, tree or building.Fold the paper along the slope guide lines (C, D or E).Align the closest slope guide line with the ground slope. This will give you a close estimation of the ground slope to bemowed.Figure 2-1

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OPERATIONSafe Operating PracticesSome of the following safety instructions are from ANSI Standard B71.4-1999 while others are specific to the Hustler Mid Mount Z line.This product is capable of amputating hands and feet and throwingobjects. Always follow all safety instructions to avoid serious injury ordeath.▲▲Operation▲▲ Never leave a running machine unattended. Always disengage deckclutch, place control levers in park brake position, stop tractorengine, and remove ignition key when le

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▲ Do not mow on wet grass. Reduced traction could cause sliding.▲ Do not try to stabilize the machine by putting your foot on theground.▲ If the mower’s tires lose traction when operating on slopes,disengage the blades, place the control levers in the park brakeposition, turn the engine off and get help.▲ Never make sudden starts, stops, turns, or reverse direction,especially when maneuvering on slopes. The steering is designedfor sensitive response. Rapid movement of the control lever

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Control PanelsCCDAADBEBGEHKohler EFIunits onlyKawasaki liquidcooled units onlyHCGECDDBJFABCDE-CAT dieselunits onlyBEChokeThrottleDeck clutch switchIgnition switchOil pressure lightFGHIJI-Check engine lightTemperature warning lightAlternator warning lightPre-heat switchHour meterFigure 3-1IMPORTANT: When access is required under the seat platform andthe seat is equipped with the optional arm rests, make certain to placethe control arms in the park brake position and pivot the arm restsupward befo

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J. Electronic hour meter (Fig. 3-5) — registers 1/10 hour incrementsup to 9,999.9 total hours. Connected to the ignition switch, themeter records the accumulative time while the ignition key isswitched to the RUN position. NOTE: The hour meter is found invarious locations on different tractors. NOTE: There is no hourmeter on FasTrak 36/42 tractors.Control lever in parkbrake positionControlsA. Control levers (Fig. 3-2 & 3-3) — these levers control the tractor’sspeed, direction, neutral lock

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1. Before starting tractor each day, perform daily pre-operationchecking. (See Safety start interlock system section)2. Make sure the control levers are in the park brake position and deckclutch switch is disengaged.3. Use choke, if unit is equipped with one, when engine is cold, or ifwarm engine fails to start within 5 seconds of cranking. Avoidflooding and operate engine without choking as soon as possible.4. Set throttle at approximately 1/2 open position.5. Insert key in ignition switch and

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ROPSBypass valveHustler Mini Z shownFigure 3-6Bypass valveFigure 3-9To turn left, move the right control lever farther forward from neutralthan the left control lever.(Fig. 3-10)To turn right, move the left control lever farther forward from neutralthan the right control lever. (Fig. 3-10)To pivot turn, move one control lever forward and the other controllever back of neutral. This will allow the drive wheels to counter-rotate.(Fig. 3-10)To stop or decrease speed, move control levers to neutral.

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FRONT OF TRACTOR FACES THIS DIRECTIONNNFORWARD TRAVELPIVOT TURNFORWARD TRAVELRIGHT TURNREVERSE TRAVELRIGHT TURNREVERSE TRAVELN = Neutral PositionDirection of arrows indicate direction of tractor movement.Figure 3-10WARNING: If you lose steering control while operatingthe machine, place the steering control levers in the parkbrake position immediately. Inspect the machine andinvolve your Hustler dealer to resolve the problem beforecontinuing to operate.negative battery cable. Block up mower when

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Three point turnSidedischargechuteFigure 3-12ftLe rolntco verleMower deck operationStep 1tgh lRi rontco verleDANGER: Never attempt to make any adjustments to themower deck while the engine is running or with the deckdrive clutch engaged. Mower blades cannot be seen and arelocated very close to deck housing. Fingers and toes can becut off instantly.lrautNeWith the engine running, engage the deck clutch switch (Fig. 3-1) andadvance engine throttle to full rpm.NOTE: Engaging the deck clutch at high

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StophandleHeightadjustingstopChainTop holeMiddleholeLowerholeFigure 3-13When the chains are placed in the top hole of the deck chain bracketsand the height adjusting stop is placed in the front height adjusting bar hole,with the 1/4” (.64 CM) plate facing to the front of the unit, the cuttingheight is at 1” (2.54 CM). When the height adjusting stop is placed in thesame hole, with the 1/4” (.64 CM) plate on the operator’s side of the hole,the cutting height is at 1-1/4” (3.18 CM).The mi

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RearmountlegsFrontmountlegsFigure 3-1618600876_0706

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MAINTENANCE & ADJUSTMENTSSafe Servicing Practicesbefore cleaning. Use a stick to clear a plugged discharge area.Never use your hand!▲ Grass collection system components are subject to wear, damage anddeterioration, which could expose moving parts or allow objects tobe thrown. Frequently check components and replace withmanufacturer’s recommended parts, when necessary.▲ Exercise caution when working under the deck as the mower bladesare extremely sharp. Wrap the blade(s) or wear gloves and